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MZ Radpartie – a cross-generational event

For the eleventh time, the German newspaper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung organized the MZ Radpartie – a popular event for cyclists of all ages.

Easy coordination thanks to Ecotent®

In order to coordinate such a huge crowd of people in an efficient and quick way, the organizers used several Ecotent® pop up gazebos on their premises. The blue tents were visible from far away and facilitated the identification of the different contact points for the cyclists.

During the event, the mobile pop up constructions fulfilled various purposes – starting from the registration point up to the issuing point of the starting numbers, MZ T-Shirts and packed lunches. The 3×3 m gazebos were also perfectly suited for different points of actions, where the little ones could have their faces painted and more.



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The perfect tour – from start to finish

In advance, the MZ staff had created a vast tour offer for every fitness level and taste: Whether the cyclists chose the Galaxo-Tour with a moderate distance of 16 kilometres or whether they gave it their all on the demanding Maxi-Tour with 85 kilometres – everyone was able to find a tour that met his expectations.

Emergency paramedics accompanied the cyclists at every kilometre of each tour by motorcycles or quadbikes, in order to guarantee optimal treatment in case the need arises. In addition to that, there were several locations for taking a break, where countless surprises waited for young and old alike.

In short: This year’s MZ Radpartie was once more very successful! Perfect coordination thanks to the Ecotent® pop up gazebos on site – perfect organisation by the adept MZ team – perfect weather conditions!

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