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Gazebos with 50+ UV protection

Special pop up gazebos for scorching days

The ideal sunscreen for those who spend a lot of time outdoors

A pleasant shaded area is possible even in the absence of trees, and also offers reliable UV protection. Ecotent® pop up gazebos are always the right choice, even in the baking sun. Why? Because they provide not only shade but also reliable UV protection. They set up effortlessly in no time: all the better for use on hot days! Our years of know-how guarantee their durability and top quality. 

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What are the key elements to consider?

Pop up gazebos with UV protection

The most important measurements to take

For textiles, UV protection is usually indicated as UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). This same measurement is also used with regard to pop up gazebos, umbrellas and awnings. Specifically, it is used to inform consumers about the degree of UV protection of a particular product.

The UPF value according to the UV 801 standard breaks down as follows:

  • UPF 15 to 2: medium protection
  • UPF 25 to 50: high protection
  • UPF 50+: excellent protection

Always pay attention to the UPF value when purchasing a pop up gazebo. The scale stops at 50, so any value above that loses significance and is equated to 50+. If the value is below that, the risk of sunburn or overheating the inside of the gazebo greatly increases, and such unprotective textiles are therefore to be avoided.

in short

What exactly are UV rays?

Solar radiation reaching the Earth is divided into infrared rays (which are invisible and generate heat), visible rays (i.e., light) and UV rays. The latter, also known as ultraviolet rays, are invisible but contain the most energy and are subdivided into:

  • UVA rays (which reach the Earth unimpeded),
  • UVB rays (up to 10% of which reach the Earth),
  • and UVC rays (which do not reach the Earth, being stopped by the ozone layer).

Prolonged exposure in adults and even brief exposure for children to UV rays can trigger sunburn and rashes. Damage to skin cells leads to premature aging and, in severe cases, skin cancer. Sun protection therefore plays a key role in skin health, and adequate UV protection is essential.


gazebos with 50+ sun protection

Spending time outdoors? No worries. Our pop up gazebos have a UPF rating of 50, which means they offer excellent protection from the sun. Ideal for anyone who regularly spends time outdoors or would like to do so. In addition, they are 100% waterproof, so no weather can stop you from using them!

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